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National Dog Day is a good day to remember that home fire sprinklers protect our pets, especially when we are not home.

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Home Improvement Editor Ron Hazelton conducts a fire and sprinkler side-by-side burn demonstration at NFPA’s conference. This 3-minute video shows how quickly fire spreads and flashover occurs in the room without a fire sprinkler compared to the room with a fire sprinkler.

This video can be downloaded from HFSC's website and used for education programs www.homefiresprinkler.org


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Jack lives in Chicagoland and Hawk lives in Tucson. What do these cool cats have in common? They live in homes protected with fire sprinklers.


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Share this powerful message with your friends today. Because everyone deserves to have the facts about home fire sprinklers.

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So often, we hear from disappointed folks who bought or built their dream home, only to find out too late that they could have had fire sprinklers. If you know someone who is building or buying, share HFSC's information so they can ask for the ultimate home fire protection. It could save their lives.


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