Why Home Fire Sprinklers are Needed

Fire Sprinklers Protect Lives and Property

Most people don't realize that 8 out of 10 fire deaths occur in the home. They usually happen at night when people are asleep. People also do not understand how fast fires spread and how they can go from a tiny flame to total destruction in as little as three minutes. Fire sprinklers can suppress and often extinguish a fire before the fire department arrives, giving people time to escape.

Including fire sprinklers in new homes is a great idea that can save lives. But it does raise many questions. In this section you will find Home Fire Sprinkler Facts, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and read about Activations. You can download a PowerPoint slide show for use in your own presentations.

You will also find some entertaining and informative videos such as a Home Fire Timeline, Protect What You Value Most and The History of Fire Sprinklers. You can take a tour of the HFSC Virtual Sprinklered House, see A Tale of Two Families and download The Future of Fire Safety Here Today brochure.

On the lighter side, watch a 30-second public service announcement produced by the Fresno, California Fire Department that shows what it's like to live with a firefighter 24/7.