Burlington, IA Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Homestead at Hartness Boiling Springs, SC

Arbor View Estates:

Four homes will be sprinklered where the single-access road exceeded the maximum length.

Developer Incentives:

Subdivision Single Access Point
Longer Dead End Streets
Additional Units Permitted

Developer Added Lots and Overcame Road Layout Limit


The developer had a unique property layout that limited potential lots and made it impossible to meet maximum allowed single-access road length or provide a secondary access road.

The Burlington Fire Department worked with the developer to lay out the development to better utilize a uniquely shaped property, with the agreement that fire sprinklers would be installed in all homes where the single-access road exceeded the maximum length. Additional benefits allowed in exchange for installing home fire sprinklers included an extended dead-end cul-de-sac and additional units.


Four homes will be sprinklered upon completion of this development.

Fire Sprinkler Cost:

The cost to install a NFPA 13D system in the first home was just over $2.50 per sprinklered square foot.

“The developer had a unique “L” shaped property that limited how they could lay it out and make it work. By the city working with them on the layout they were able to take advantage of the entire piece of ground. The developer agreed to sprinkle the dwelling units that exceeded the maximum road length of 750′ and it was approved by the city council. It was a win for the city also as we are gaining residential living units and showing that we can be flexible and still work and be fire safe within the code. The developer was really good to work with and understood the city’s position.  He was appreciative that we were willing and able to work with him.”

Fire Marshal Mark Crooks, Burlington Fire Department.

Learn how Burlington achieved home fire sprinkler incentives by contacting Burlington Fire Department Fire Marshal Mark Crooks: [email protected].