Community Risk Reduction with Home Fire Sprinklers

Good News for Communities and Developers

Developers are missing something big that can reduce construction costs while improving community safety.
Home fire sprinkler trade-ups are a powerful tool that AHJs can use even in jurisdictions that do not have home fire sprinkler codes. This site provides the resources to inform AHJs, planners, building officials, water authorities and developers to determine the best incentives for your community that can lower costs and protect residents and firefighters. A Win-Win for everyone.
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Understanding Home Fire Sprinkelrs: NFPA 13D

What Are Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives?

How Incentives Benefit Developers and Communities

Home Fire Sprinklers and Community Risk Reduction

Your New Housing Forecast

Who Are Your Stakeholders?

what incentives will work in your community

Free Resources to Present to Stakeholders

Agreeing on an Incentive Offer

Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Case Studies