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Be Involved Before Plans are Developed

Fire sprinkler incentives can change the approach a developer takes in developing a plan. Increased density, reduced infrastructure and other incentives need to be designed into the plan from the start, not added later. You need to be in contact with a developer as they are designing their project. That means you need to know what properties are being considered for development and who will be doing the development.

Work With Your City Planner

Get to know your city planner. In a small town this might be a part time employee or consultant. In a city there may be a large planning department. The planner will know what parcels are being developed, which are being planned for development and which will likely be developed in the future.

Meet with the planner, explain the concept of fire sprinkler incentives and request a list of actual or likely development projects.

Target New Developments

Review the development projects to see which may benefit the most from incentives. Parcels with challenging terrain or environmental issues are good candidates because the incentives may the only way to make developable. Developments that are seeking higher density are also good candidates. While all developments can benefit from incentives, larger developments can benefit the most and will be most receptive.

Besides planners and developers there are many other stakeholders you will want to involve. Find out who in Step 6.

Resources can provide more insight into potential development

There are resources that may provide additional background or housing forecast information. Also consider contacting local real estate and mortgage company contacts. Visit these websites for more in-depth information

Neighborhood Scout Real Estate data:  provides specific housing market details for every neighborhood in America, so you can effectively vet various locations and compare them against state and national averages.

NAHB provides building permit information here.

Besides planners and developers there are many other stakeholders you will want to involve.

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Your New Housing Forecast

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