Home Fire Sprinklers Protect Residents And First Responders

8 out of 10 structure fire deaths happen at homeHome Fire Sprinklers Protect Residents and First Responders

Sprinklered developments support Community Risk Reduction (CRR) as home fire sprinklers provide superior protection for responders and residents, benefitting the entire community for decades. Unsprinklered new-home fire exposure puts responders at risk from fire, collapse, and health hazards. Each new home built without sprinklers makes the community less safe for all. By protecting new housing stock, existing resources can be directed at high-risk populations and existing unsprinklered structures.

Fire Sprinklers Support Community Risk Reduction Programs

Fire department resources are always scarce. By controlling the spread of fire, home fire sprinklers free up time that can be shifted to risk reduction programs such as smoke alarm distribution and fire safety education.

Building a home fire sprinkler incentive program takes planning. Starting with knowing what developments are being planned.

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Home Fire Sprinklers and Community Risk Reduction

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