Home Fire Sprinklers—Where to Start?


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Video Guide
Including fire sprinklers in new homes is a great idea that can save lives. But it does raise many questions. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has developed this interactive guide to fire sprinklers designed to provide easy to understand information in an entertaining way.
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8 Out of 10 Fire Deaths Occur in the Home

Including fire sprinklers in your new home is a great idea that can save your family members’ lives. But it does raise many questions. This website is designed to answer your questions and simplify the process. There is also information about retrofitting your existing home.

Teaching the Basics of Home Fire Sprinklers

Here are some Educational Resources for teaching the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers including Why Home Fire Sprinklers are Needed, How Fire Sprinklers Work and The Future of Fire Safety Here Today brochure.


Our new public service announcements fight Hollywood myths with humor.

The BUILT FOR LIFE® Fire Department Program

The BUILT FOR LIFE Fire Department program encourages and recognizes all United States fire departments that make home fire sprinkler education a focus of their community outreach. You can find out more and sign up for free.

Reach Critical Audiences

HFSC has resources to help you reach the many critical audiences in your community with the home fire sprinkler message. The BUILT FOR LIFE Homebuilders Program is designed for reaching homebuilders and developers. There are materials for local officials, children and people who are already Living with Sprinklers™.

Sprinklers are Green

Fire sprinklers don't just save lives, they help save the environment. Find out how.

Fire Sprinkler News

The latest news about fire sprinklers and fire safety. You can also read our e-newsletter.

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Other Useful Information

We’ve collected some excellent resources from other organizations that you may find informative and useful.

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