Why New Homes Need Fire Sprinklers

Protect What You Value Most

Fire is fast. Would you have time to escape a home fire?

Did you know a house fire can become deadly in as little as two minutes? Fires burn quickly and are more deadly today because of what we have in our homes. Our furniture and belongings are made of plastics and synthetics that make fires burn faster – and they produce deadly smoke. Common unprotected lightweight building materials, flooring and open designs can cause fires to spread quickly.

Home fire sprinklers control a fire, so everyone can escape.

Only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates. That stops the fire and deadly smoke from spreading. Fire sprinklers work automatically and immediately. It’s like having a firefighter on duty 24 hours a day.

Since I have smoke alarms, why do I need fire sprinklers?

Every home must have working smoke alarms. But remember, they can only detect smoke. To survive a fire, you must be able to quickly escape. You need fire sprinklers because they detect AND control or put out the fire. That gives you time to safely escape. The best protection from fire is having working smoke alarms on every level, fire sprinklers, and a fire escape plan that you practice.

Comparison of two room fires
Side-by-side comparison of a residential room fire with and without fire sprinklers

Home Fire Timeline

The Home Fire Sprinkler Timeline

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