Virtual Reality Side by Side Burn Demo

Experience a virtual reality home fire and see the difference that fire sprinklers make.

This is a 360° video. Click and drag to look around the room.

A House Fire Can Become Deadly in Less Than Two Minutes

Fire is fast. A fire can become deadly in less than 2 minutes. Synthetic materials burn quickly and produce deadly, poisonous smoke. Step into a real home fire with this 360° video shot in real time during two identical home fires, one with sprinklers and one without. Find out more →

Virtual Reality Home Fire and Sprinkler Burn Kit

HFSC is taking this important educational strategy to the next level with live fire video in immersive virtual reality with user-controlled 360 degree views. Find out more.

bedroom fire

Learn About the Life-Saving Benefits of Home Sprinklers

Home fire sprinklers provide affordable, reliable and effective protection for your family.


Resources for the Fire Service

Home fire sprinklers protect everyone. This website provides the fire service with the tools and information you need to help your community understand the benefits of home fire sprinklers.


developer incentives fire sprinklers

Developer Tradeups and Incentives Educational Resources

FREE information for fire service personnel, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and developers.


Our Latest News

Fire Chief Welcomes Community to His Home to Educate About Home Fire Sprinklers

When Beecher (IL) Fire Chief Joe Falaschetti decided to build a new home, he knew he wanted to protect his family with home fire sprinklers. In an effort to educate his community about the life- and property-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers, he conducted an open house. The event was a success, the mayor, his home builder, some of his neighbors, firefighters and local media attended the event. They

August 22nd, 2022|


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