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Developers and builders in Marietta, Georgia, are benefiting from trade-ups by installing automatic fire sprinklers in entire developments. During the planning process, city managers and the fire marshal agreed that because all the homes in the developments would be protected with fire sprinklers, they could be built closer together and closer to the property lines, increasing the number of homes in each development.

Alden Spencer of Georgia-based Affordable Fire Protection said he has worked on these types of projects over the last few years with Torey Homes and Williamscraft Builders. “We are getting ready to start a new development working with McKenzie-Perry Homes,” he said. “It really has been a good experience for builders and homebuyers because they get the benefits of the trade-up and build safer homes for their customers,” Spencer said.

Homebuyers seem to like the option, according to Janie Head, director of operations at Williamscraft Builders, which builds between 300 and 350 homes a year in the Atlanta area. “We’ve had a lot of success,” Head said. Sales professionals at her firm had some qualms at first, she admitted. “We thought what would be detrimental would be the cost, but actual marketing experience proved otherwise,” Head said. “People feel real secure and it helps their insurance.”

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