Inside Home Fire Sprinklers

home fire sprinkler system

Typically, home fire sprinklers operate off the household water main and use piping that is installed behind walls and ceilings in finished areas.

Attached to the piping at intervals are the individual sprinklers. Concealed sprinklers are often used in finished areas. An unfinished basement may have exposed piping and pendent sprinklers instead of concealed sprinklers. Each sprinkler can protect a minimum area of 12 x 12 feet. Extended coverage sprinklers are available that protect even larger areas.

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house cutaway with fire sprinkler system

Sprinklers activate independently – unlike hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms. If there is a fire, only the sprinkler closest to the flames will operate. A recent study showed that in about 90% of home fires, only one sprinkler was necessary to control the fire.

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Custom builder? No problem! A wide variety of sprinkler designs makes it possible to install sprinklers in any type of new home – even homes with specialty layouts, high or sloped ceilings and other distinctive configurations.

Fire sprinklers are designed specifically for the homes where they’ll be installed, by experts who have experience creating sprinklers that are highly effective and also efficient.

Home fire sprinklers can be seamlessly incorporated into any interior design, without sacrificing comfort or style. That adds to your credibility as a builder, and that’s important to your bottom line.

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