Welcome to HFSC’s Press Room

side by side burn media event

Welcome to HFSC’s Press Room

Trust the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC). HFSC is nonprofit and non-commercial. Our focus is exclusively on education about home fire dangers and the life-saving value of installing home fire sprinklers in new single-family homes.

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For interviews and additional information, please contact Peg Paul, Communications Manager, (815) 592-9278 or [email protected]


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Fire Sprinkler Facts

Story Ideas:

Fire Sprinklers are Green

Full-scale fire tests proved that fire sprinklers are good for the environment.

Home fire sprinklers – not just smart, genius!

Home fire sprinklers are the original smart technology.

Real people; really interesting stories.

Homeowners who experienced fires in homes with fire sprinklers and without; firefighters who won’t live in a home unless it’s protected by fire sprinklers; builders who previously objected to fire sprinklers and now offer them in every home they build; real estate agents who love showing clients sprinklered homes; and much more. Please contact us to facilitate interviews: Peg Paul: (815) 592-9278 or [email protected]

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