Lower Construction Costs

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Fire Sprinklers Can Lower Construction Costs

On top of increased safety for your customers and value added to the homes you build, you may be able to benefit from cost-saving incentives as well. Many municipalities offer what’s known as “trade-ups” for builders and designers who sell sprinklered homes.

The options vary widely, which is one of the reasons you want to meet with fire and code officials early on. Examples of typical trade-ups for a sprinklered development or subdivision include street-width reduction, additional units, and increased hydrant spacing. Bundled together, trade-ups can net a builder significant savings.

Another option to explore is building code alternatives, which might include a reduction in fire-rated portioning requirements between the living spaces of the home and other spaces, such as an attached garage. Sprinkler trade-ups and code alternatives can substantially offset the cost of sprinkler installation.

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