Living with Sprinklers™ Kit

HFSC Living with sprinklers kitFree Teaching Tools Provide the Facts about Living with Sprinklers

Sprinklered homes will help save lives and protect property for generations to come. That’s the good news. But too often residents of sprinklered homes don’t realize the value of sprinklers and may not understand how to properly care for them. That can lead to serious problems.

Free Tools for Sprinklered Communities
Living with Sprinklers is a new video from the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC). It’s a smart teaching tool that’s easy to use. The video is hosted by Ron Hazelton, who explains the advantages of having fire sprinklers, separates fact from fiction, and outlines the simple care that residential sprinklers need.

Watch the video. 

The video comes with a laminated hangtag to put on the riser, so you will have ready access to simple sprinkler maintenance and proper usage tips.

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These valuable educational materials from HFSC are the ideal way to educate residents of sprinklered homes, and they’re yours for the asking!

Download PDF of Living with Sprinklers riser hangtag.
Download PDF of the Living with Sprinklers brochure.
Download PDF of Living with Sprinklers riser hangtag in Spanish.

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