Fire Sprinklers are Green

fire sprinklers are green

NEW! Reaffirmation of Home Fire Sprinkler Green Research

In 2010 FM Global partnered with HFSC to conduct full-scale fire tests comparing the environmental impact of sprinklered and non-sprinklered home fires. In 2021 FM Global reaffirmed this groundbreaking work showing that in a home fire with installed sprinklers:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions were cut by 97.8%
  • Water usage was reduced between 50% and 91%
  • Fewer persistent pollutants, such as heavy metals, were found in sprinkler wastewater versus fire hose water
  • The high pH level and pollutant load of non-sprinkler wastewater are an environmental concern

In its new Environmental Impact of Residential Fires Review, FM Global estimates since 2010:

  • 1,800,215,826 lb (816,564,163 kg) of greenhouse gases have been emitted into the atmosphere due to the lack of home fire sprinklers.
  • Installed home fire sprinklers would have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 97% to 54,006,475 lb (24,496,925 kg).