Home Fire Sprinkler Display Guide

A Complete Guide to Building and Using an NFPA 13D Display to Educate Your Community

The new Home Fire Sprinkler Display Kit contains instructions for building a portable display that shows the inner workings of an NFPA 13D home fire sprinkler system, various sprinkler options and how to do a flow test. It can be customized to match local system requirements.

Using Your Home Fire Sprinkler Display


  • State Fair
  • Home Shows and Building Trade Shows
  • Fire Prevention Week Activities
  • Safety Fair
  • Fire Station Open Houses


  • Vocational-technical high school competitions
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Safety Day


  • Partner with a homebuilder who o ers sprinklers as a way to educate during open houses.
  • Bring the display to area chapter meetings of your local homebuilders’ association to accompany your presentation.


  • Present the display at the Building Department so homebuilders can see it when they bring plans in for approval.
  • Get on the agenda of your Planning and Zoning Boards and bring the display to explain the value of trade ups to encourage sprinklering of new developments.
  • Present the display at your Town/Village Hall.
  • Share the display during Town/Village meetings, elections and other public events.

State Farm
Funded through a grant from State Farm.

13D Display Graphic Signs
Once you build your 13D Display, you can download the graphic files for printing.
These are high resolution, print-ready files that you can send to your local printer.