Home Fire Sprinkler Display Guide

A Complete Guide to Building and Using an NFPA 13D Display to Educate Your Community

The new Home Fire Sprinkler Display Kit contains instructions for building a portable display that shows the inner workings of an NFPA 13D home fire sprinkler system, various sprinkler options and how to do a flow test. It can be customized to match local system requirements.

Using Your Home Fire Sprinkler Display


  • State Fair
  • Home Shows and Building Trade Shows
  • Fire Prevention Week Activities
  • Safety Fair
  • Fire Station Open Houses


  • Vocational-technical high school competitions
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Safety Day


  • Partner with a homebuilder who o ers sprinklers as a way to educate during open houses.
  • Bring the display to area chapter meetings of your local homebuilders’ association to accompany your presentation.


  • Present the display at the Building Department so homebuilders can see it when they bring plans in for approval.
  • Get on the agenda of your Planning and Zoning Boards and bring the display to explain the value of trade ups to encourage sprinklering of new developments.
  • Present the display at your Town/Village Hall.
  • Share the display during Town/Village meetings, elections and other public events.

Funded through a grant from State Farm.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Display Guide
Download a PDF of the Home Fire Sprinkler Display Guide here.


13D Display Graphic Signs
Once you build your 13D Display, you can download the graphic files for printing.
These are high resolution, print-ready files that you can send to your local printer.