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Jennifer Pierce, Fire Marshal, Clermont Fire Department, with her husband Sean Pierce, Lieutenant, Reedy Creek Fire Department, and their son Brendan and daughter Kelsey.

Home Fire Sprinklers Protect Everyone

The quicker we extinguish fires, the less we have to deal with cancer-causing contamination and potential injury. Home fire sprinklers mean less exposure for the firefighters and fire investigators. Building with home fire sprinklers is a great idea that can save lives and prevent injuries. But you may have questions. Our website is designed to provide the fire service with the tools and information you need to help your community understand the benefits of home fire sprinklers. All materials are free to download and use.

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HFSC Helps Fire Service Personnel with
FREE Information and Presentation Materials

HFSC has developed a library of information and resources you can use to educate consumers, elected officials, developers and builders about the benefits of including fire sprinklers in homes. These materials are available for free (some quantity limits apply). Shipping to the U.S. and Canada is also free.

 Introducing Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Studio

HFSC Material Studio

Create flyers, posters and social media cards that meet the needs of your community. Customize them with your logo and contact information. We provide you with the key messages, graphics and designs. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions! Choose one or create them all.

Virtual Reality Home Fire and Sprinkler Burn Kit Videos

HFSC (through RiVR Link) offers presenters an immersive and engaging educational VR Kit using 360° video and images.

Seeing is believing, and live side-by-sides have helped viewers understand flashover and the unparalleled value of home fire sprinklers. But live fire demonstrations are not always practical.

Thanks to a grant from State Farm, HFSC is taking this important educational strategy to the next level with live fire video in immersive virtual reality with user-controlled 360 degree views. Use this new technology to create a side-by-side experience that is personal, powerful and memorable.

Hands-On Home Fire Sprinkler Tools

Home fire sprinkler display box

Home Fire Sprinkler Education Prop

HFSC’s fire sprinkler prop is now available AT NO COST to Built for Life Fire Departments. The sturdy storage box contains a pendent sprinkler with educational information about home fire sprinklers.

This Home Can Save Your Life Consumer Brochure

This Home Can Save Your Life Consumer Brochure

A consumer friendly, brief description of the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers.


Fire Sprinkler Safety Flyers

Flyers you can download to educate a variety of your audiences, from the public to local officials to community planners and developers.

HFSC social media

Social Media Content

HFSC has developed a library of social media posts on a variety of topics. They are free and easy to share.

The BUILT FOR LIFE® Fire Department Program

Free support, resources and materials for all U.S. and Canadian fire departments.

Educational Resources for the Fire Service

HFSC has information and presentation materials for all your audiences.

Virtual Reality Home Fire and Sprinkler Burn Kit Videos

Watch these videos in 360° on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This video can be downloaded to view with virtual reality headsets.

Fire and Sprinkler
Burn Demonstration Kit

A complete guide to building and using a dramatic Live fire demonstration in your community.

Home Fire Sprinkler Facts and Information

There is no better home fire protection than fire sprinklers. Find out how they can protect your family.

fire sprinkler incentives for developers

Community Risk Reduction with Home Fire Sprinklers Incentives

HFSC helps fire service personnel, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and developers with FREE information and presentation materials.

fire safety technical reports

Technical Reports

Studies, reports and white papers on critical fire safety and fire sprinkler issues.