Make Sprinklers Work for You

builder and homeownerWorking as a Team

The most important decision you’ll make is choosing your sprinkler contractor. You want someone who is qualified as a specialist in sprinkler installation. The NFPA 13D standard says only people “knowledgeable and trained” should install fire sprinklers.

Choose a contractor who strictly adheres to NFPA 13D and complies with any additional requirements of local codes. You want someone with experience and someone who knows his or her way around town hall.

Plan Ahead

Once you have your sprinkler partner, you’ll meet with the fire officials and go from there. A good sprinkler contractor will help navigate any code concerns, water usage issues, permits, etc., helping you stay on schedule and on budget.

The sprinkler contractor’s first step will be to prepare shop drawings and hydraulic calculations, to make sure the sprinkler performance will comply with minimum code requirements. This is usually submitted for approval during the permit process.

Sprinklers can be roughed in anytime after the plumbing and HVAC installation, and trimmed at the same time other contractors are working.

Lower Construction Costs