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HFSC Helps Fire Service Personnel, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and Developers with FREE Information and Presentation Materials

HFSC has developed a library of information and resources you can use to educate consumers, elected officials, developers and builders about the benefits of including fire sprinklers in homes.

A Complete Guide to Community Risk Reduction For Your Community

See how locally negotiated developer benefits are resulting in sprinkler installations and improved life safety in more jurisdictions each year.

Fire Sprinklers Incentives Fact Sheet

Common homebuilder incentives and the 9 steps you can take for a safer community.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Fact Sheet

NFPA 13D – Life Safety System Video

NFPA 13D is referenced in many building and fire codes. It is intended to prevent injury and life loss. The standard requires at least 10 minutes of sprinkler water on the fire in its initial stage of development. That controls the fire early, giving residents the time to safely escape and the fire department time to respond. A typical home fire will be controlled and may even be extinguished by the time the fire department arrives.

Read the full standard here.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Video

Building New Developments With Home Fire Sprinklers Can Increase Fire Safety for the Entire Community

Resources that might have gone to fighting fires can be focused on Community Risk Reduction (CRR). They can help reduce municipal operating expenses through lowered water demands.

Incentives offered to developers to build with sprinklers can reduce construction costs and increase profitability.

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Why New Homes Need Fire Sprinklers Video

Home Fire Sprinklers Protect Residents and First Responders

Sprinklered developments support Community Risk Reduction (CRR) as home fire sprinklers provide superior protection for responders and residents, benefitting the entire community for decades. Unsprinklered new-home fire exposure puts responders at risk from fire, collapse, and health hazards. Each new home built without sprinklers makes the community less safe for all. By protecting new housing stock, existing resources can be directed at high-risk populations and existing unsprinklered structures.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation can be customized for your audiences.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Video Clips

These video clips can be added to your PowerPoint presentation or used on their own.

Discuss Incentives During Pre-application Meetings

Developer Saves $1 Million
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AHJs Can Offer Incentives
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Incentives Benefit Developers
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Sprinklers Key to Community Risk Reduction
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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Case Studies

In communities without new-home fire sprinkler requirements, local developer incentives are a fast and effective strategy to increase new-home sprinkler installations, improving public safety.

Regardless of codes or code restrictions, AHJs have the authority to offer valuable incentives (aka trade ups) in exchange for installing fire sprinklers in every home in new developments. These incentives, best negotiated at the pre-approval stage, often resolve costly land-development problems and/or facilitate profitable infrastructure flexibility. The result is a mutually beneficial deal that helps achieve Community Risk Reduction. HFSC is collecting and sharing replicable examples of sprinkler incentives.

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