Protecting People and Property

grandparents in fire sprinklered homeSprinklers: Like Having a Firefighter on Duty 24 Hours a Day

Fire sprinklers protect residents as well as first responders, and they reduce property loss dramatically. A residential fire sprinkler system is like having a firefighter on duty 24 hours a day. Each sprinkler is individually activated by heat. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, keeping the fire small or extinguishing it completely. Residents have more time to escape while fire sprinklers limit the growth and spread of fire, heat and toxic smoke.

Rewarding Customers Who Protect Their Property

Most insurers offer a premium discount for smoke alarms. Every home needs smoke alarms. But smoke alarms can only notify the resident of a fire; they cannot control the fire.

Installing a residential fire sprinkler system is also eligible for a premium discount with most insurers. Having it connected to a central station is usually worth an additional discount. Be sure to explain all of the discounts to your customer.