Altamonte Springs, FL Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Altamonte Springs FL sprinklered development

Single-Family Homes

Developer Incentives:

Increased Hydrant Spacing
Additional Units Permitted
Street Width Reduction

Financial Benefits and Infrastructure Flexibility


The City of Altamonte Springs, FL, promotes compact sustainable development within four urban areas: East Town Center, West Town Center, Gateway Center and Regional Business Center. Fire sprinklers are required in all new single-family homes within these centers and for new homes greater than 3,500 sq. ft. outside them.

80%-125% of Sprinkler System Cost is Recovered Incentives include discounted fees (building permit and water connection fees at 40%, fire impact fee at 25%); hydrant spacing may be increased to 800 ft.; road widths are permitted to be narrowed; and denser development is allowed (within the Centers).


Since 1986, an estimated 400-500 homes are now protected with fire sprinklers as a result of Altamonte Springs’ incentive program. To date, the City has not published the average cost of home fire sprinkler installation.

“If fire sprinklers are as important as we say they are, then we need to financially reward homebuilders and owners for making the right decision to fire sprinkler protect their homes.” -Anthony C. Apfelbeck, Altamonte Springs Fire Marshal/Building Official

City of Altamonte Springs Goals, Objectives and Policies

Policy 1-1.12.5 address fire sprinkler protection: “The City shall continue to require the protection of the built environment with fire sprinkler protection to reduce water system demand, greenhouse gases, water pollution, landfill waste, reconstruction and improve the overall sustainability of development. The City shall also continue to provide financial incentives for fire sprinkler protection of one- and two-family dwellings.”