Greenville, SC Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Homestead at Hartness Boiling Springs, SC

Homestead at Hartness:
137 Single-Family Homes and
1 Three-Family Townhome
Developer Incentives:
Additional Units Permitted
Longer Dead End Streets

Homestead at Hartness sign

Boiling Springs fire sprinkler costs

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Sprinklers Allow Road Accommodations and Higher Density


The neighborhood was to be built with one main circular road (a loop) which accessed 14 dead-end cul-de-sacs (Pods). Each Pod required a road length of approximately 180-200 feet to accommodate the proposed nine homes. The proposed density and resident parking did not allow room for adequate fire apparatus turnaround as required by the International Fire Code (dead-end streets in excess of 150 feet). This meant only seven homes per Pod could be built. Also, due to the number of homes, an additional access road would be required.

In exchange for installing fire sprinklers in every home in the development, Fire Marshal Jeff Nelson offered the developer the opportunity to build the neighborhood with the longer dead-end streets that would allow the desired nine homes per Pod and a single access road. A net gain of 28 homes for the developer.


“With fire sprinklers in every home, we only need to commit one engine to the dead-end road of a fire call because the sprinklers are attacking the fire before we get there,” says Fire Marshal Nelson. “It’s like having a firefighter on duty in each home! If we look at the big picture, there are opportunities to provide cost-saving incentives that meet the needs of the developers and provide critical life saving features in newly constructed homes, building success stories one home at a time.”

Sprinkler Costs:

Five styles range from one- to four-bedroom homes plus a three-unit townhome. The average cost per square foot including all styles was $1.03.

Learn how the Boiling Springs Fire District achieved this home fire sprinkler incentive by contacting Fire Marshal Jeff Nelson: [email protected]