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8 Out of 10 Structure Fire Deaths Occur in the Home

Including fire sprinklers in your new homes is a great idea that can save lives and money. As a builder or developer you can take advantage of the many trade-ups that are available to reduce your costs and offer your customers a superior product.

The HFSC Virtual Sprinklered House

virtual sprinklered houseGet a behind-the-walls look at home fire sprinklers and learn how you can save development costs.

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Homebuilders Building for Life

To give you the answers and tools you need, HFSC has developed free materials to provide you with noncommercial and unbiased information.

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How to Build with Fire Sprinklers

The best time to install fire sprinklers in homes is when the homes are being planned and built.

lower construction costs

Lower Construction Costs

You may be able to benefit from cost-saving incentives offered by many municipalities.

Inside a Home Fire Sprinkler System

Typically, home fire sprinklers operate off the household water main.


Homebuilder Success Stories

Stories from homebuilders across the nation who have benefitted from building with fire sprinklers.

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Quick Guide to Fire Sprinklers

All the basics of fire sprinklers your customers need, in easy-to-understand segments.