Camas, WA Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Camas Washington

Drewfs Farm 60-Unit Development
Single-Family Homes
Subdivision Single Access Point

AHJ Negotiated with Developer


The developer had planned a 60-home development along challenging land on a steep hillside.

The AHJ offered to eliminate one of the entrance roads, allowing a single entrance, if the developer installed fire sprinklers in the entire subdivision.


The developer saved $1 million in infrastructure and material cost and avoided eliminating five lots for the second road.

All residents are now protected by fire sprinklers.

Sprinkler Costs:

The average cost for home fire sprinkler installation in Camas is $1.30-$1.50 per sprinklered square foot.

Other Developments:

Camas has negotiated trade ups or incentives that have resulted in more the 2,000 homes protected with home fire sprinklers. The most common incentives included: fewer hydrants, narrower streets, single-point subdivision access, longer dead-end roads, smaller cul-de-sacs, steeper slopes, and gated communities.