HFSC’s Free Resources Will Enhance Your Fire Prevention Week Programs

 Media outreach: Urge your local TV stations and newspapers to use our broadcast quality video and hi-res photographs so they can run stories about life-saving home fire sprinklers. Our collection includes dramatic footage comparing a living room fire with sprinklers and without. We also have an animated timeline that colorfully illustrates the speed of home fires. Your local media will appreciate being able to download these videos. Just send them this link. You can help them even more by offering to do an interview.


Share this link: Everyone should watch this home security camera footage. It shows an actual living room fire with an elderly resident in the room, reinforcing how fast a real home fire is and how quickly it can spread. The video is followed by a comparison of a living room fire with home fire sprinklers and without. Share this footage on your website and through your social media. It is a real-life example of why every new home built today should be protected with home fire sprinklers.

Social Media Content: We’ve created colorful social media posts for you to share with your followers. The messages are ready to go – just visit this page and in one click you can share these important messages through your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email.

Consumer Education Videos: A wide variety of short videos answer common questions about home fires, home fire sprinklers, protecting people (especially those at high risk) and protecting our pets from fire. You can download these for your website and/or share the links in your outreach and social media activities.

Educational Banners: HFSC has created artwork to produce 48.25″ x 93.5″ banners and large posters. Many fire departments are creating these and posting them in fire station windows. Used in many ways, they are powerful tools to educate the public about the benefits of fire sprinklers. Download the PDF, customize with your department’s logo and send to a local printer.

Free Educational Materials: HFSC has developed a free library of information and resources to help you educate consumers, local elected officials, developers and homebuilders and others about the benefits of installing fire sprinklers in new homes. These materials are available for free (some quantity limits apply). Shipping to the U.S. and Canada is also free.


We would love to share your home fire sprinkler education successes in our social media outreach. Please send photos of your activities to us at [email protected]