The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has developed a new, downloadable digital presentation that features topline results of a recent national fire safety survey* of 2000 adults of all ages.

Eighty-six percent of those surveyed said fire safety was important as they look to buy a new home. One of the key findings was that after learning how home fire sprinklers work, 80 percent of millennials said they would prefer to buy a home with fire sprinklers.

With more than a million homes built annually and millennials making up the largest share of homebuyers, it’s critical for developers, builders and local officials to see there is strong interest in home fire sprinklers. Seventy-two percent recognized that fire sprinklers add value to a home.

HFSC developed this presentation to support local fire service home fire sprinkler education. Members of the fire service are encouraged to share this information with the building community, especially when AHJs are discussing trade ups as incentives. Developers who build with fire sprinklers can reduce construction costs, increase profitability and make their homes more appealing to today’s homebuyers.

The presentation can be downloaded from HFSC’s website as a slide presentation or PDF. It can be used collectively or individually to emphasize the important findings.

Download the presentation today and share it with the stakeholders in your community.


*October 2020 Opinium survey of 2000 US adults for HFSC