Pearland, TX Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Pearland, TX Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Gated Residential Community with 44 Duplex Homes/88 Occupancies
Developer Incentive:
Subdivision Single Access Point

Pearland, TX fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers Overcome Single-Entrance Challenge in Pearland, TX


The proposed gated residential development would comprise 88 occupancies. It could not meet the local requirement for two separate and remote fire apparatus access roads. Building a secondary road meant the developer would have to purchase more land, which wasn’t an option. In pre-development meetings, the discussions turned to incentives as a solution.

City of Pearland Fire Marshal Jason Shafer meets weekly with city departments and developers to explain fire codes at the plan submittal stage. “Any time there’s an opportunity to offer a trade up to a developer with a challenge, we try to do that,” he says. The developer was informed of the fire sprinkler trade up option and in exchange for installing fire sprinklers in all of the houses, a single access road was permitted.


Adding fire sprinklers to the homes increased life safety, improved their marketability and saved the developer money.

Sprinkler Costs:

The sprinklers cost $2.50 per square foot.

Pearland Home Fire Sprinkler Education:

The Pearland Fire Department was a 2019 recipient of HFSC’s educational stipends. A part of their stipend outreach was production of a new video to educate local stakeholders, including home buyers, developers, builders, fire service, insurance agencies, and real estate professionals. City of Pearland Video