You’ve probably read a lot about millennials during this election cycle, and for good reason. Millennials* became our largest U.S. generation in 2015, edging out baby boomers at 75 million (Pew Research).

That’s a lot of votes. And a lot of buying power. This cohort is getting a close look from marketers across the board. According to the National Association of Realtors, they represented 35% of homebuyers in 2015, up from 2014. Count on millennials’ influence on housing and other markets to continue to grow as they age.

Just as candidates can’t afford to lose millennial votes, the fire service shouldn’t miss the opportunity to reach and educate these present and future parents and homebuyers about home fire sprinklers. They need the facts about their risk of home fires and an understanding of home fire sprinklers as unequaled protection.


Builders, real estate agents, insurers and home product companies are already catering to this audience. It’s important for the fire service to set the tone about home fire safety. Millennials will play a key role in whether or not home fire sprinklers make it into mainstream community fire safety. Make sure you’re being heard.

So how best to reach them? Start with their comfort zone: the Internet; specifically social media outreach. 90% of young adults use social media today (Pew). HFSC can help you. Our website is mobile-optimized to simplify navigation from smart phones and tablets, their preferred technology.

Social media gives you large and targeted reach and it’s inexpensive. Embedding and linking to HFSC’s comprehensive home fire sprinkler resources is 100% free.

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* The millennials age range differs within statistical sources. We’ve used Pew data, which counts them as those born in 1981-1997 (age 19-35 today).