Retrofitting a Home

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All Homes Can Be Retrofit

  • The best time to get sprinklers is when you are building, but all homes can be retrofitted.
  • Some homes may present challenges such as the water supply, the age of the home and how it was built.
  • If you are planning a large renovation, talk to your builder or architect about adding sprinklers.
  • Otherwise, talk directly to a sprinkler contractor who has experience with home fire sprinklers.
  • Fire sprinklers are not a do-it-yourself project. They have to be carefully designed and installed.
  • All home fire sprinklers follow the NFPA 13D standard. Your contractor will know what that means.
  • While all homes can be retrofitted, some are easier than others.
  • A good contractor can be creative about placing pipes in closets or using flexible tubing to minimize the number of walls that need to be opened.

Retrofitting a Home with Ron Hazelton

This 3-part video explains the process to retrofit a home with fire sprinklers. Ron Hazelton walks you through the process as he hires a contractor to install fire sprinklers in his 35-year-old home.