Smart homes are protected with fire sprinklers

Smart homes aren’t smart without fire sprinklers

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Today there are many automated options that make homes more comfortable, energy efficient, cost-effective and safe. Typically referred to as smart home technology, these features may include automating control of items such as lighting, temperature, window shades, surveillance cameras, locks, smoke alarms, even pet feeders. Often, these features have smartphone apps that allow the homeowner to control them from anywhere. …

This “Fire-power” Couple Says They Will Never Live in an Unsprinklered Home

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With more than five dozen side-by-side educational events behind them, Les and Diane Woods have become well known across the Southeastern U.S. and beyond for their ambitious home fire sprinkler advocacy. Their dedication to the cause continues today, making them a true “fire-power” couple. It all started when the Tega Cay, SC Volunteer Fire Department signed up for HFSC’s Built …

Home Fire Sprinkler Timeline Flashover Chart

New Home Fire Timeline Animation Now Available

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HFSC’s signature home fire timeline that illustrates how fast a fire grows compared to how quickly a fire sprinkler prevents a fire from becoming deadly is now available as an animated graphic. Using vivid graphics and sound effects, the new animation tells the story quickly and convincingly in about a minute. This new educational tool is yours to download. Click …

NVFC Support of Home Fire Sprinklers

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Home fire sprinklers save lives – of responders and residents. Whether volunteer or paid, urban or rural, home fire sprinkler education can improve any fire department’s community risk reduction efforts. Just ask Chief Kevin Quinn, chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). Kevin Quinn Nov 2017 Vid Isn’t it time your fire department got on board? HFSC offers a …