The first Home Fire Sprinkler Day is scheduled for May 19, 2018. Media events and fire sprinkler demonstrations will be conducted in more than 30 states and Canadian provinces.

Members of HFSC’s board will join leaders from the fire service for a media event at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute at 10 a.m. Speakers include U.S. Fire Administrator Keith Bryant, Maryland State Fire Marshal Brian Geraci and NFPA President Jim Pauley. The event will be hosted by HFSC President and NFPA VP of Outreach and Advocacy Lorraine Carli. This event will be streamed live through HFSC’s Facebook page @HFSCorg.


Accoring to the Home Fire Sprinkler Day proclamation that will be read during the events, the effects of home fires are far-reaching and longstanding. A home fire can become deadly in less than two minutes due to today’s construction material and common synthetic furnishings that produce toxic smoke. Homes should be the place where residents feel safe. In reality, home is where they have the greatest risk of injury or death from fire. Home fires also put firefighters at risk through exposure that can lead to health issues. Combined with working smoke alarms and proper fire escape planning, fire sprinklers in all new homes can reverse the effects of home fires. Protecting new homes with fire sprinklers will make the future safer for residents, first responders, and entire communities for generations to come.

Many of the scheduled events are posted on this interactive map.