Virtual Reality Home Fire and Sprinkler 360º Video for Collapsable 3D Glasses

For Apple IOS Devices

Steps to your VR Experience for Apple IOS devices

Before first use remove protective plastic from lens.

  1. Make sure your smart phone has cellular or wifi to connect to
  2. Expand 3D glasses.
  3. Click the red bar below to start the video “CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO“.
  4. Click on the 3D glass icon. 3D glasses icon
  5. Follow the instructions to one of the 3D “cardboard viewers.”
  6. Rotate your device to the horizontal position.
  7. Swipe up to enter full screen mode, if it isn’t already.
  8. Insert the smart phone into the 3D glass behind the clip with the screen facing the glasses.
  9. Hold the glasses up to your eyes. Look up, down and sideways for the 360º virtual experience.

* Wearing ear phones will help make the experience even more realistic.
** Works best when using Safari.