Cheatham County, TN – Protects Its Residents, Firefighters and Community

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Ashland City and Pleasant View, located in Cheatham County Tennessee, were the first municipalities in the county to require fire sprinklers in all new homes in 2001. Since then, there has not been a fire death in a home protected with fire sprinklers. More than half the homes in Ashland City are protected.

Gary Norwood, Ashland City Mayor (2001-2012) talks about how he learned about home fire sprinklers and why he supported the requirement. Prior to joining the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), Vickie Pritchett was the Cheatham County Economic & Community Development Executive Director. She talks about why the benefits of home fire sprinklers made it easy for her to become a champion and plan proactively to build a community that had a high quality of life where families are safe and protected. Chief Chuck Walker, Ashland City Fire Department, talks about how fire sprinklers protect firefighters and what they encounter when they respond to a fire in a sprinklered home compared to a fire in a home that is not protected.

Janet Hall, a real estate agent in Cheatham County talks about why she likes to sell homes protected with fire sprinklers. She said once she informs homebuyers about how they work, they believe they add value to the home. NFSA President Shane Ray, who was a fire chief in Cheatham county when the sprinkler requirement was passed, talks about conducting education programs with live fire and sprinkler demonstrations, to overcome barriers. He talks about why it is important to educate all stakeholders and decision makers. Homeowners Brian and Denise Biggs talk about how they have peace of mind, especially for their grandchildren, because their home is protected with fire sprinklers.


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