Virtual Reality Home Fire and Sprinkler Burn Kit Videos

See For Yourself

There are two videos of the fires. One shows the unsprinklered room first, followed by the room with the sprinkler. The other video shows the sprinklererd room fire first.  Watch these videos in 360° on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This video can be downloaded to view with virtual reality headsets.

VR Home Fire Demonstration – Unsprinklered and Sprinklered

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Download the file (484 MB)

VR Home Fire Demonstration – Sprinklered and Unsprinklered (room with sprinkler first)

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Download the file (494 MB)

VR After the Fire Side X Side Comparison

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Download the file (115 MB)

fire service VR burn demo

VR goggles

For the red collapsable 3d glasses, click here for the video and instructions.

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